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  • What is blockchainclouds.net?

    Blockchain Clouds LLC is a hedge-fund. Our core business is forex and Cryptocurrency investments.

  • Does blockchainclouds.net have an official registration?

    Yes, we are legally registered in the UK. Our Head Office address is displayed at the footer of every page the site.

  • What services does blockchainclouds.net provide?

    We offer profitable investment plans, and provide trust management of capital.

  • Does the blockchainclouds.net team already have investment experience?

    Yes, we have higly skilled professional traders, and very experienced investment experts. Many of our team specialists have more than 12+ years of experince in the industry.

  • What are the advantages of blockchainclouds.net?

    We have some of the best forex and cryptocurrency trading algorithms, and bots in the the market. We are honest and have a high sense of reponsibility. Our goal is to become the leader of Forex and crypto investment markets.

  • Who can become an investor of blockchainclouds.net?

    Anyone regardless of their social or financial status can invest with us. No skill is required. You make your deposit and start earning your profits with immediate effect.Our team of experienced traders manages common capital, making the most profitable investments.

  • What should I do to make a profit?

    Register, open an account, and select an inestment plan, then make a deposit and start earning.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    We support Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Litcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash,

  • How can I make a deposit?

    When making a deposit, you transfer the capital to us in trust management. We invest it on your behalf and you will receive profits according to the plan you have chosen. In addition, you can take part in the affiliate program and receive upto 5% in commissions from the deposits of each new depositor that you have invited.

  • How much can I earn in blockchainclouds.net?

    What you earn depeds on the plan you choose. The more you invest the more you will earn. We have provided an investment calculator on the site to find out the exact profit figures that you will attract.

  • How much can I invest? And what are the withdrawals limits ?

    The minimum deposit amount is $ 10, and the maximum is $ 500,000 depending on what plan you choose. The Minimum Withdrawal allowed is $ 2 for all plans. External Transaction fees apply.

  • When can I get the first income?

    Profits are earned daily up to the end of investment duration.

  • Can I withdraw my deposit after the plan expires?

    The daily profits paid are inclusive of your deposit. By the end of the investment period, you will have recovered your full deposit plus profits. Use the calculator provided on the website to ascertain this.

  • How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed?

    Withdrawals are processed by our support team within a period of 30 minutes and not exeeding 8 hours maximum depending on workload.

  • Do you take a commission to withdraw interest?

    No, we do not charge commissions on interest, however, we charge a service fee of 1% at end of investment duration. We do not have any hidden fees.

  • Can I reinvest my income?

    Yes, you can re-invest all or part of your income.

  • In which currency is the profit accrued?

    We will accrue your profit in the same currency that you chose for making a deposit.

  • How do you protect my personal data?

    We use SSL certificate for secure connection and high quality DDOS protection methods

  • What happens if your site undergoes a DDOS attack?

    We have invested heavily on security. We pay organizations for protection against external attacks. All attacks on the site will be successfully neutralized by professionals.

  • Can I be sure that no one will know my wallet data?

    Yes, just keep your login details private and secure and you are safe. We have secured our website against all kinds of external or internal attacks.

  • Is it safe to conduct all transactions in cryptocurrency?

    Yes, absolutely. Thanks to the technology of the blockchain only you can make any changes to your account.

  • What should I do if your site is not available?

    We make sure that access to the site is available 24/7. We use leased dedicated servers and pay for their protection. If we have to take the website down for any reason, we notify you in advance, as to how long the site will be down. during the time the site is down, you can still reach us on [email protected] [email protected]

  • How many accounts can I create?

    We allow only one account per user.

  • How can I create my own account?

    Click the registration link and enter all the data. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of use. After that you will have access to your personal account.

  • How can I create a deposit?

    Log in or register on the site and log in to your account. In the "Account" section, select the payment system and transfer the necessary amount to your account.

  • Is it possible to withdraw interest using another payment system?

    No, you have to use the same payment system through which you used to make the deposit.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    When registering, create a secret question and a secret answer to it. We shall use this information to recover your password. A 2FA is recommened for more security. Just Click the "Forgot Password" link and enter your email address. Then follow the instructions.